New publication in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

26th January 2023

The new publication by Flora Kluge et al. on “Airborne glyoxal measurements in the marine and continental atmosphere: comparison with TROPOMI observations and EMAC simulations” is now available in its final version in the EGU open access journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”. In this study measurements of glyoxal (C2H2O2) in the troposphere are compared to collocated glyoxal measurements of the TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI) and simulations from EMAC.

Recent publication in Atomspheric Chemistry and Physics

12th January 2023

The research article “The effect of ash, water vapor, and heterogeneous chemistry on the evolution of a Pinatubo-size volcanic cloud” by Mohamed Abdelkader et al. has been published in the EGU journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics” as open access. The authors conducted ensemble studies with the ECHAM5/MESSy2 atmospheric chemistry general circulation model (EMAC) on the 1991 Pinatubo volcanic cloud. The experiments include different injection configurations to test the evolution of SO2, SO₄²⁻, ash masses, stratospheric aerosol optical depth, surface area density, and the stratospheric temperature response against available observations.

New evaluation paper including EMAC

11th January 2023

The publication “Evaluation of native Earth system model output with ESMValTool v2.6.0” by M. Schlund et al. is now available at EGU’s open access journal “Geoscientific Model Development”. The authors apply the latest version of the ESMValTool to evaluate output of different Earth system models including EMAC. They present a new extension to the ESMValTool, which allows reading and processing native output of these Earth system models, performing a CMOR-like reformatting of output from the different numerical models during runtime.

New publication on the evaluation of EMAC

10th January 2023

A new study of D. Dienhart et al. has been published in the open access journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”. In the publication “Formaldehyde and hydroperoxide distribution around the Arabian Peninsula – evaluation of EMAC model results with ship-based measurements” the authors evaluate EMAC results with ship-borne measurements around the Arabian Peninsula.

New publication in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

19th December 2022

The new publication by C. Beer et al. “A global climatology of ice-nucleating particles under cirrus conditions derived from model simulations with MADE3 in EMAC” is published in the EGU open access journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”. C. Beer and colleagues use the EMAC model with the submodel MADE3 to derive a global climatology of ice-nucleating particles under cirrus conditions. The different ice-nucleating particle types are coupled to the microphysical cirrus cloud scheme to consider possible competition mechanisms between these different particle types.

New publication in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

14th December 2022

A new study by Nützel et al. on the “Climatology and variability of air mass transport from the boundary layer to the Asian monsoon anticyclone” is published in the EGU open access journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”. The Asian monsoon anticyclone is studied by using backward trajectories on reanalysis data for 14 northern summer seasons. Furthermore, forward trajectories from a free- running chemistry-climate model (CCM) simulation with parameterised Lagranigan convection in the EMAC-ATTILA model are analysed.

11th EMAC Symposium will be held in Mainz

30th November 2022

The 11th EMAC Symposium will be on 9th – 11th May 2023 in Mainz. The host institution will be Max Planck Institute for Chemistry. Please mark your calendar, updates and details will follow on the website and via the MESSy mailinglist! We are looking forward to interesting presentations and fruitful discussions at the beautiful Rhine.

New publication in Atmospheric Measurements Techniques

9th June 2022

Pérez-Invernón et al. study the NOx production of single lightning flashes in the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley in their publication “Quantification of lightning-produced NOx over the Pyrenees and the Ebro Valley by using different TROPOMI-NO2 and cloud research products” published in the Open Acess EGU journal “Atmospheric Measurements Techniques”. They use vertical mixing ratio profiles of NO, NO2, NOx, LNOx and LNO2 extracted from EMAC simulations with and without lightning for calculation of the LNOx air mass factor.

New publication in Nature

2nd May 2022

The article “Synergistic HNO3–H2SO4–NH3 upper tropospheric particle formation” by Mingyi Wang et al. has been published in Nature as Open Access. The authors use the global model EMAC in parts of their study for simulation of particle formation with efficient vertical transport of ammonia into the upper troposphere during the Asian monsoon.

New publication in Geoscientific Model Development

1st April 2022

“Simulation of organics in the atmosphere: evaluation of EMACv2.54 with the Mainz Organic Mechanism (MOM) coupled to the ORACLE (v1.0) submodel” by A. Pozzer et al. has been puplished in the EGU journal “Geoscientific Model Development”.