MESSy Licence

The usage of MESSy can be licenced to all affiliates of institutions, which are member of the MESSy Consortium, i.e., which signed the MESSy Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). If you institution wants to join the MESSy Consortium, please contact the MESSy Consortium Steering Group (CSG).

End-users have in addition to

  • sign and follow the MESSy Community End-User Licence Agreement (EULA),
  • accept the MESSy Software Licence Agreement (SLA),
  • follow the MESSy Citation Rules (CiR).

Application for a licence

Before an end-user can become licensee, she/he has to complete the application form and provide the required additional files.

COSMO-CLM Community Members

For members of the CLM-community, who want to use MESSy (infrastructure and diagnostic submodels only) with COSMO-CLM, a simplified Letter of Intent (LoI) template is available. Please use the Contact form to ask for this template and we will send it to you.


At any time the licensee has to inform the CSG about plans to apply for external funding, if the proposal involves the application and/or further development of MESSy (in order to avoid conflicts of interest).

Third-party software

This software is currently part of the MESSy distribution, but the MESSy Consortium is not copyright holder:

  • The GCM ECHAM5 has been developed at the Max Planck-Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. If you want to use ECHAM5/MESSy, you need to apply for an ECHAM5 (or MPI-ESM1) licence first, see:
    Please send to the CSG a copy of the ECHAM5 licence approval together with your letter of intent.
  • The Earth System Model CESM1.2 is maintained by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado (USA). If you want to use CESM1/MESSy, you need to register for using CESM1 first, see: for instructions and register here: Please send to the CSG a copy of the CESM1 regristration letter together with your letter of intent.
  • Although the COSMO/MESSy extension of COSMO and MECO(n) are available under the MESSy MoU since MESSy version 2.53.0, COSMO is not part of the standard distribution (i.e., it is not contained in the zip-file). Before receiving a distribution including the COSMO/MESSy and MECO(n) extension, the MESSy CSG is obliged by the German Weather Service (DWD), who is licenser of the COSMO model, to verify that the requester is licensee of the COSMO model. Two different COSMO licenses are possible:
    1. the institution holds an institutional COSMO license granted by DWD, and/or
    2. the individual requester (user) is member of the CLM-Community (see
      The former license is applicable for applications with simulations on weather forecast time-scales, whereas the latter is required for applications addressing climate time scales.