New publication in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

3rd March 2022

The article “Challenge of modelling GLORIA observations of upper troposphere–lowermost stratosphere trace gas and cloud distributions at high latitudes: a case study with state-of-the-art models” by Florian Haenel et al. has been published in the EGU journal “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics”.

New publication in Geoscientific Model Development

21st February 2022

“A parameterization of long-continuing-current (LCC) lightning in the lightning submodel LNOX (version 3.0) of the Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy, version 2.54)” by Francisco J. Pérez-Invernón et al. has been published in the EGU journal “Geoscientific Model Development”.

New publication in JGR Space Physics

11th December 2021

The article “Heppa III Intercomparison Experiment on Electron Precipitation Impacts: 2. Model-Measurement Intercomparison of Nitric Oxide (NO) During a Geomagnetic Storm in April 2010” by M. Sinnhuber et al. has been published in the AGU journal “JGR Space Physics”.